Mission: Freight


Normally, Bass Strait Aviation carries pretty standard freight like the freshly caught abalone and crayfish that the company supplies to markets in Victoria, Australia.

Not that there isn’t urgency – and even adventure – in hauling that kind of time-sensitive cargo. In fact, that’s one reason why co-owner Frank Willebrand loves the Airvan.
Quick release seats make it easy to switch from passengers to cargo, and then there’s that massive 105 centimeter (41.5 inch) sliding door that accesses a flat, perfectly positioned floor.

“We just back up our ute (pick-up) and it matches the same height as the Airvan cabin floor,” Frank says.

But, lest anybody thinks freight hauling is routine, Frank pulls out a story that stretches the imagination of even the most seasoned freighter. “I once hauled 24 cats, four dogs and the two ladies that owned them from Georgetown in Tasmania to Brisbane,” he says.

It’s not just the quantity of cargo Airvan can accommodate, but the ease with which your freight can be loaded on and off.

Twice the size of the competition, we put our cabin door aft of the wing, allowing you to forklift your large or irregular items easily into the aircraft.

Installed with a unique seat and cargo restraint system, the flat cabin floor helps you go from passenger to freight, or a mix of the two.

The main landing gear is located well aft, keeping the floor level during loading and unloading, with no tendency to tip and no tail stand needed.

An optional 18 cubic foot pod may be installed to carry any flammable or other dangerous goods that are not suitable in the passenger cabin.

Also impressive – carry an optimal useful load of close to 800 kilograms depending on fit.