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    Terms and Conditions

    1. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the Mahindra Flies Referral Program (“Program”) initiated by GippsAero Pty Ltd. (“Mahindra Aerospace”). By submitting this registration form you agree to be a “Participant” of this Program and agree to these Terms which constitute a binding contract between you and Mahindra Aerospace.
    2. The program is effective from 12 October, 2018 and is valid for two years. The termination of this Agreement on expiry or for any reason shall not cease your obligations which, by their nature and/or terms hereof, are intended to continue after the termination or expiration of this Agreement including without limiting the obligations contained in Clause 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.
    3. The Program is applicable for Airvan 8 only and does not imply or extend to any other product.
    4. No finders fee will be due and payable to the participant under the Program till the Purchase transaction is concluded and the full payment for the aircraft is received by Mahindra Aersopace
    5. No finders fee will be payable to the Participant under the Program if his/her said referral approaches Mahindra Aerospace directly or through any other party prior to the Participant signing them up.
    6. The Participant is not authorized to use Mahindra Aerospace trademarks or tradenames in any manner whatsoever, except with the prior written approval of Mahindra Aerospace.
    7. Mahindra Aerospace disclaims all liability from any sort of representation the Participant may make to a potential prospect in contravention of these Terms.
    8. The Participant represents and warrants that all personal information provided by him/her is correct and accurate. The Participant agrees and acknowledges that submitting false or misleading information may result in disqualification from the Program. The personal information provided by the Participants will be held by Mahindra Aerospace and will only be used for the purpose of the Program.
    9. The Participant shall keep Mahindra Aerospace, its directors, officers, and employees, and those of its affiliates and group companies, indemnified and harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, expenses, fees (including legal fees and costs), liabilities, arising due to any breach, misrepresentation, misconduct, or fraud committed by the Participant.
    10. Mahindra Aerospace shall not be liable for any failure or delay to fulfil any of its obligations under the Program, to the extent the same is caused by force majeure events such as floods, earthquakes, fire, riots, civil unrest, war (declared or not), strikes, and lockouts, or any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Mahindra Aerospace.
    11. These Terms will be governed by the laws of the State of New York, barring its conflict of law principles. All disputes arising out of or related to the Program shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions shall constitute submission to the jurisdiction of that court.